To the Awesome

GNA Alumni Community

December, 2015

About GAC

The GNA Alumni Community (GAC) promoted by GNA University aims to bring together the alumni community on a global platform to construct an additional channel of personal and professional support to members through networking within the wider community.

The Association aspires to keep the Alumni connected to the University through guest lectures, reunions, networking opportunities, local chapters and IT based collaborative forums. The Alumni Association maintains history and traditions and helps secure a bright future for the university. It keeps the Alumni updated and informed about current events and helps in the professional and career development.

Fun and frolic and ridicules all around,
Until CA components, MSE and ESE lead many to frown.

The grim part of it being transitory and sweet,
Training sessions and Placement drives assisted you to stand on your feet.

Now the working clan, hardly seek time to catch up with old friends,
Or reconcile with the University rivals and make amends.

A golden opportune to relive these old yester days,
And catch up with old buddies since you parted ways.
GAC-18 a rare made up chance to visit your alma mater that shaped holistic future,
And feel again the adoration of your favourite teachers.
So for multifarious reasons at forefront,
GAC-18 will be really gripping and loaded with fun.
Surely this Alumni Meet should not be a miss,
Kindly assemble once again for the excitement and the fizz.
So whatever you do and wherever you are,
Let this GAC-18 be a gregarious way to show
that together we are and together we care.

An alumnus, whose soul is deeply rooted in his alma mater, brings added strength to the University in its pursuit of brilliance. GAC 2015 will provide multifarious ways for alumni and friends with like-minded tastes to connect with their batch mates. Alumni form extraordinary stakeholder for an organization as their sole interest is to witness the organization flourish and grow in stature – the more it grows in stature, the better it becomes for the alumni.