Teachers paid Obeisance at GNA University

October 03, 2015

The students of Faculty of Engineering and Technology felicitated their teachers in a gala way using hilarious compositions and serious invocations, initially beginning with reverence to Sarvapalli Dr Radhakrishnan Menon, who enthused this celebration coinciding with his birth date. After customary Shabad recital, and lamp lighting, the students were joined by Dr Disha Khanna to remind the contributions made by the teacher turned diplomat and Honourable past president of Indian Republic. Dr G Flora Dean Academic, exhorted teachers to contribute to research the high ideals in teaching practice. Er Sunil Sarad the Registrar of the University complimented the students for collating talent, and related by citing a story reiterating the need for quality capacity building. The spirit behind the event, Professor P Thareja, the Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Technology reiterated the balance of eco-environment at the behest of GNA University, worthy of enthusing development energies as prompts the breathing system in “Pavan Guru, Pani Pita, Mata Dharat Mahat” with reverence to Guru Gobind Singh ji. He said building over the human substance in mother earth, and the life system @ continual refreshment by water could be harnessed only by way of human development energies secured only by wisdom. He exhorted the students to match the standards set in by Mr. Pro-Chancellor Gurdeep Sihra that rightly harmonises the endowments of both Gurus and Parents, for which teachers are committeed. The three winners ……who topped  in story writing competition on the eve of teachers day were awarded prizes by the University management, amidst cheers. The teacher convenors for the event- Ms Komal Sharma, Ms Jasleen Kaur, and students  .. were complimented for their organisational acumen.

The short cultural programme that followed was inspired by the theme, and fully received with chorusing and applause by the audience.